Our Mission

Imagine a world where everyone could perceive your ideas as you do.

SoundOps exists to ensure the future holds the same value as intended by the musicians, speakers, teachers, studios and anyone else who is serious about how their recordings should sound.

Our mission is to make your audio last by continuing to develop tools for it to sound its best. Through SoundOps your audio will reach its fullest potential for the world to perceive your ideas as you do.

Management Team

John T. TaylorCo-Founder

John Taylor is a founding member of the SoundOps team and is responsible for day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s product development, marketing and technology strategies. He co-founded SoundOps with Will Duke in 2006 and together they gave the company a fresh start in 2014.

J. Will DukeCo-Founder

Will Duke is a founding member of the SoundOps team and served as president from 2006-2014. As the original SoundOps evangelist, he is passionate about customer experience and continues to lead the company's sales efforts.

"I like to live. To me that involves a lot of work - it's just how I'm wired. But people are worth it - relationships are always worth it. I'm a father, and a son. And I believe everyone should be willing to be a teacher, and a student. It's a responsibility and a rewarding rhythm that should last your entire life."

Marquis A. HardyDirector of Creative Content

In 2014 SoundOps formed a partnership with Marquis as he became the new Director of Creative Content. Since his time with the company he has assisted in developing new ideas and creative direction. Marquis also runs an organization called Creative Ventures in Writing.

"I believe language is important because it is more than just words, but is the fundamental aspect of communication. Music is a language, poetry is a language, and even our bodies. With or without words communication is key, and the manner of which the message is preserved should be able to communicate the thoughts we have even when we're speechless. It is the job of a writer to not only understand the power of words, but the power of language."

Job Opportunities at SoundOps

If you are looking to be a part of a future-focused audio technology company that has an awesome group of people where you can learn, be challenged and do meaningful work, then SoundOps is for you.

We are passionate about creating an environment that we can enjoy and have fun in but also get serious and get the job done. Constantly learning, we make sure that everyone is up to date with the evolving world. If this sounds like you, then we want you on our team. What are you waiting for?

- Who We're Looking For -


Have a love for Customer Service? Our Customer Happiness Advocate position is the perfect opportunity to help our team maintain the awesome relationships that we have with our customers and community. Cloud-based CRM, and email are your primary tools, along with some phone time. Work from home, or on the go.

An ideal candidate is intrinsically motivated to strengthen and build relationships every day.

Also requires:

- access to the Internet to respond to customers once in the morning and once in the evening

- able to meet in person at weekly team meetups so you're in touch with the pulse of the company

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Have a love for Audio Editing, Mixing, and Mastering? Our Audio Engineer position is the perfect opportunity to let your skills shine while delivering outstanding results to our customers. Cloud-based CRM, and your Digital Audio Workstation are your primary tools, along with any other equipment you have and are intimately familiar with. Work from home, or on the go.

An ideal candidate has excellent ears, knows how to use his/her equipment, and has plenty of experience in knowing which tools are appropriate to make different types of audio recordings sound their best.

Also requires:

- access to the internet via laptop or desktop for transferring large amounts of customer data

- a very fast internet connection (able to upload 1GB in 1Hr)

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